High Purity Water

  • Remove all TSS, bacteria, hydrocarbons, dissolved metals
  • Non-chemical system
  • Customized specifications for Slick-water & Cross-Linked Gel Applications


Self-Learning, Highly-Automated Systems

  • Fully automated, self-learning, water treatment systems
  • Remote monitoring & control – H2O technicians remotely monitor & troubleshoot system issues, minimizing oilfield operator involvement
  • Systems can be accessed worldwide.


Routine Maintenance is Negligible and Easy to Plan

  • Very few moving parts
  • Long-life components
  • Automated, self-cleaning systems.


Minimal Consumables & Waste Sludge

  • Very small volume of chemicals used to clean membranes
  • High recovery rate – low sludge volumes
  • Sludge can be reduced to an inert, dry cake with optional automated sludge dewatering module – minimize disposal costs
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