The Mining Industry faces many unique challenges. From dealing with Challenging By products to the recovery of High Value Minerals. The continuing evolution of Environmental Compliance continues to play a role in how Mining Companies operate.  

Water Contamination: acidic water and metal ions increase water toxicity and negatively effects the aquatic life and food chain​. Disturbs the reproduction system of aquatic life and may decrease their population​. Causes corrosion of local infrastructure​.

Conventional Treatment Solutions provides Inconsistent output quality – compromises environmental discharge​. In addition, these systems provide no recovery of valuable salts / metals

H2O offers solutions to exploration, engineering, and mining companies to provide mine water treatment solutions, from production of potable water or desalinated water in remote locations to process water and wastewater solutions for all types of hard and soft rock mining sites.

H20 Solutions

  • Boiler Feedwater
  • Cooling Towers
  • Acid Mine Drainage

Barrier Between the Mine & The Environment

Hydrothermal Oxidation & Electrodialysis Solutions

H2O’s integrated solutions provide a guaranteed barrier between the mine and the environment. H2O’s silicon carbide ultrafiltration system can treat feed-water across the pH spectrum, with no change in performance from pH1-14.

H2O’s Hydrothermal Oxidation process, ideal for wet sludge treatment and leachate control / groundwater contamination issues.

H2O electrodialysis solutions are integrated with the eutectic freezing crystallizer to recover high-value commodities from the waste streams.

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