H2O Systems provides a range of engineering consulting services focused on the study, design, optimization and integration of water treatment technology to solve challenging water problems.

Many of the technologies used by H2O are developed by H2O’s department of research and innovation with the support of strategic technology partners. H2O’s talented engineering group considers the entire water treatment process and life-cycle costs, applying first-hand knowledge of systems and technologies, to ensure H2O delivers cost efficient, high-performance, least-cost solutions to its customers.

H2O has several important emerging non-chemical technologies including silicon carbide ultrafiltration & microfiltrationmembranes, advanced oxidation (UV/03), electrocoagulation & electrodialysishydrothermal oxidation and Eutectic Freeze Crystallization.  In addition, H2O has first-hand knowledge of traditional processes such as GAC filtration, flocculation, coagulation and filtration. Our ability to call on a wide spectrum of technologies allows H2O engineers to propose optimal solutions to our customers.

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