Membrane-based separations for water purification and desalination are the future solutions to address the global challenges of water scarcity and the pollution of aquatic environments.

Using advancements from our labs in material engineering our systems are integrated with processes tailored to the harsh operating conditions and separation challenges.


Silicon Carbide Ceramic Membranes

  • H2O produced water solutions offer an efficient alternative to conventional produced water treatment methods.
  • In comparison to standard produced water treatment processes that involve several chemical process steps with a large footprint & high retention time, a higher-purity water quality can be achieved by H2O’s compact produced water treatment solution.

Membrane Distillation

  • Advancements in nano-engineering and materials science provide the tools by which H2O has designed and developed revolutionary new materials for separating dissolved inorganics (salts, minerals, metals) and organics (hydrocarbons, synthetic compounds) from complex mixtures.
  • Using nano-scale technology and advanced engineering, H2O has developed new membrane materials for a variety of desalination and hydrocarbon recovery applications.
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