The Big Issue Facing the Oil and Gas Industry

The Big Issue Facing the Oil and Gas Industry

Produced water handling and disposal costs, along with the cost of acquiring and handling fresh water for fracking, significantly affects OPEX, profitability, and overall economic competitiveness.

Finding a way to treat and reuse produced water has the potential to revolutionize the industry and its environmental impact. But at what cost?

H2O technology is here and available at a compelling price, making it possible to treat produced water so that it can be reused for new Exploration & Production projects and other beneficial reuses.

H2O Frac-Ready
Removes all TSS, hydrocarbons, bacteria, dissolved metals . High pure water for cross-linked gel applications

H2O Ultra
High-TDS desalination. Removes all dissolved salts to discharge an ultra-pure water to the environment & recovers high-purity salts for resale

These non-chemical recycling systems can be scaled to process any daily volume of produced water
The systems are energy efficient, have robust components and automated to run themselves
They reduce operating costs by automatically cleaning and optimizing their own performance, reducing the reliance on site operators and making them perfect for remote locations.

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