H2O Systems Designs, Manufactures and Operates Advanced Non-Chemical Water Treatment Systems


Zero Liquid Discharge
Water Reuse
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Selective Metals Recovery
Elemental Recovery

Beneficial Reuse

Guaranteed Barrier to Meet
Environmental Standards
Industry Focus
  • Oil and Gas +

    Oil & Gas Upstream

    H2O Systems converts produced water from a high-cost waste material into a valuable resource – Frack Ready Water

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    Oil & Gas Downstream

    Oil & Gas Downstream H2O provides a range of solutions to ensure refinery facility efficiency & performance.
    Boiler feed water, Effluent Treatment, Water Reuse & ZLD, Cooling tower blow-down, Flue Gas Scrubber Water, Bioremediation, and Contaminated Groundwater

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  • Power Generation +

    H2O advanced technologies for the power generation industry cover the complete water and wastewater cycle to ensure power plant efficiency.
    Boiler feed water, Effluent Treatment, Water Reuse & ZLD, Desalination, Cooling tower blow-down, Flue Gas Scrubber Water, Coal Ash, Bioremediation, and Contaminated Groundwater.

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  • Food and Beverage +

    H2O offers a wide range of solutions to: meat & poultry processors, as well as wineries, breweries, & distilleries, dairy facilities and abattoirs.
    Solutions include: Boiler feed water, Effluent Treatment, Water Reuse & ZLD, Desalination, and wet waste (sludge).

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  • Mining +

    H2O offers solutions to exploration, engineering, and mining companies to provide mine water treatment solutions to address issues with challenging byproducts, recovery of high value minerals and environmental compliance.
    Specific areas include: pre-treatment, waste water treatment, tailings ponds, acid mine drainage, and wet waste (sludge).

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  • Chemical and Petrochemical +
    H2O advanced technologies for the Chemical & Petrochemical industry cover the complete water and wastewater cycle to ensure power plant efficiency.
    Boiler Feed Water Treatment, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Oil-Water Separation, Process Purification & Filtration, Raw Water Treatment, High Concentrate Brine Removal, Scrubber wastewater treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

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  • Marine +
    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has mandated a reduction in marine vessel Sulphur emissions which is driving marine scrubber installations. Wastewater from the wet scrubbing process must be treated before being released to the environment.
    H2O’s non-chemical scrubber water solution is compact, highly-efficient and offers a Zero-Liquid Discharge solution – recycling all recovered water back to the scrubber in a closed loop.

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  • Agriculture +
    The agriculture industry is confronting an ever-increasing demand for water in water scarce regions and faces increasing regulation in respect to vegetable/fruit washing, wastewater recycling, groundwater contamination and sludge handling.
    Wastewater & Sludge, Raw Water Treatment for Irrigation, Livestock Drinking Water & Vegetable/Fruit Washing, Vineyard and Winery filtration and wastewater, solutions to eliminate bacteria growth & waterborne diseases in Aquaculture and Fish Farm facilities.
    H2O has a range of solutions to address these pressing issues

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  • Municipal +
  • Boiler Feed Water +
  • Flue Gas Scrubber Water +
  • Contaminated Groundwater +
  • Cooling tower blow-down +
  • Bioremediation +
  • Refinery Catalyst Recovery +
  • Desalination +
  • Lithium and Metal Recovery +
  • Wastewater Reuse & ZLD​ +
  • Coal Ash Water Treatment +
  • Wet Waste +
Technology Components
  • Biological Reactors +
  • Eutectic Freezing +
  • Electrocoagulation and Electro-dialysis +
  • Hydrothermal Oxidation +
  • Silcone Carbide Ultrafiltration +
  • Systems Automation +
  • Reverse Osmosis +
  • Magnetic Separation +
  • Design and Build +
  • Operate and Maintain +
    H2O offers a comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) service to its customers, providing a worry-free design-build-operate-maintain package, allowing customers to optimize wastewater treatment production while having predictable costs. H2O effective management of its water treatment systems ensures conformity with agreed water output standards. H2O ensures environmental and quality standards are achieved at all times of operation.

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  • Engineering and Consulting +
    H2O Systems provides a range of engineering consulting services focused on the study, design, optimization and integration of water treatment technology to solve challenging water problems. Many of the technologies used by H2O are developed by H2O’s department of research and innovation with the support of strategic technology partners. H2O’s talented engineering group considers the entire water treatment process and life-cycle costs, applying first-hand knowledge of systems and technologies, to ensure H2O delivers cost efficient, high-performance, least-cost solutions to its customers.

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  • Spare Parts and Consumables +
  • Offsite Monitoring and Reporting +
  • Fixed or Mobile Solutions +