The agriculture industry is confronting an ever-increasing demand for water in water scarce regions and faces increasing regulation in respect to vegetable/fruit washing, wastewater recycling, groundwater contamination and sludge handling.

H2O has a range of solutions to address these pressing issues:

Wastewater & Sludge

Dairy and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) are confronted by increasing manure storage, treatment, and handling regulation compliance as well as a need for safe, clean & reliable livestock drinking water and wash-down water in water scarce regions.

Wastewater from dairy & CAFO facilities is highly odorous and highly toxic. Among other pollutants, it contains high nitrate and phosphorus content, antibiotics, and pathogenic bacteria. As such, the industry is being increasingly subjected to government regulation. H2O Systems can help dairy & CAFO operations improve profitability and adhere to regulations through its non-chemical wastewater & sludge treatment solutions.

Raw Water Treatment for Irrigation, Livestock Drinking Water & Vegetable/Fruit Washing

With worldwide concerns about water scarcity, agriculture is under pressure to improve water management and explore available options to match supply and demand. Desalination offers the agriculture industry the option to increase the availability of freshwater both in coastal areas with limited resources and in areas where brackish waters – such as saline groundwater, drainage water and treated wastewater – are available.

H2O integrated solutions are ideal for brackish groundwater desalination and raw water pretreatment, to provide irrigation water in water scarce regions, and providing dairy & CAFO facilities a safe & reliable source of water for livestock drinking & wash-down water. H2O can offer a complete integrated system or specific components of a solution:

  • Silicon carbide ultrafiltration systems offer an outstanding pre-RO filtration solution. The performance of a RO system depends on the quality of the pre-filtration. The more efficient removal of suspended solids results in reduced fouling of the RO membranes and longer operating intervals of the RO system before the need of chemical cleaning. The reduced number of chemical cleaning cycles means prolonged lifetime for the RO membranes and reduced operating costs.
  • Reverse osmosis. H2O can supply high efficiency reverse osmosis systems to provide a reliable water quality for use in the facility. The RO membranes however produce a waste stream with a high salt content that can be challenging and expensive to dispose.
  • H2O’s Eutectic Freeze brine crystallizer can efficiently process the high salt waste water towards achieving zero liquid discharge, while minimizing disposal costs. The crystallizer can retrieve salt and water in pure form from the saline waste stream, at a relatively low energy demand compared to conventional evaporation based separation processes. The recovered water from the process pushes the overall efficiency of H2O’s Raw Water Treatment solution to over 95% recovery.

Vineyard and Winery Operations

Vineyards and wineries have a host of unique water and wastewater treatment needs, from pH neutralization, bacteria control, membrane filtration biofouling to solids removal. Wastewater production

is seasonal – typically during harvest and winemaking - with significant shutdown and start-up periods and huge fluctuations in flow.

Learn how H2O technologies can solve the most challenging agricultural related wastewater challenges.

Aquaculture and Fish Farming

Commercial aquaculture and fish farming operations must minimize water use and eliminate bacteria growth & waterborne diseases, while adhering to ever tighter environmental regulations. H2O can help Aquaculture and Fish Farming operations cost-effectively increase production through its non-chemical water and wastewater treatment solutions.