H2O offers a wide range of solutions to the food & beverage industry:

  • Meat & Poultry Processors
  • Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries
  • Dairy Facilities and Abattoirs
  • See also: Agriculture

Process Water - Water used as part of the manufacturing process needs a safe and continuous supply. Our solutions provide high performance and ensure minimal downtime thanks to H2O’s robust silicon carbide filtration solutions, low operating cost and high recovery rates.

Feed Water - Our technologies treat feed water for boilers and cooling towers while complying with sanitary safety standards. Water can be recycled many times through our efficient systems. H2O’s robust silicon carbide filtration solutions are ideal for high-temperature feed water as they offer stable performance at extremely high temperature and are resilient to thermal shock.

Wastewater Treatment - H2O offers recycle and reuse and ZLD strategies, treating the water to customer specifications for reuse. H2O ensures surplus water is safely discharged to the environment.

Wet Waste - Sludge can be treated by H2O’s Hydrothermal Oxidation process to remove water and reduce waste volumes while conserving the recovery potential of the sludge and ensuring compliance in terms of health and safety and environmental compliance.

Focusing on system performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements as well as long-term cost-efficiency, H2O is able to provide systems that meet the most demanding standards of reliability, safety and quality.