Marine Industry Problems

  • Looming IMO sulphur cap is leading many shipowners and operators to install SOx scrubbers​
  • Scrubbers use vast amounts of water to capture the SOx and other exhaust pollutants​
  • Treating the water is challenging due to the space constraints on ships​
  • Variable water chemistry, organic loading, variable temperature makes treating the water a challenge ​

H2O Solutions

  • Custom designed “closed-loop” solution for Marine SOx scrubbers​
  • Remove Solids, turbidity, bacteria, oil, microorganisms in a single step​
  • Smallest footprint of any water treatment system​
  • Low power consumption & long-life components​
  • High recovery rate​
  • Minimal dry waste stream​
  • Handles wide range of feed-water​

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Non-Chemical Closed Loop Solution​

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Marine SOx Scrubber Wastewater​

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H2O Systems: Marine Solutions

Find out about how H2O Systems solves problems for the marine and shipping sector with Custom designed “closed-loop” solution for Marine SOx scrubbers​