H2O offers solutions to exploration, engineering, and mining companies to provide mine water treatment solutions, from production of potable water or desalinated water in remote locations to process water and wastewater solutions for all types of hard and soft rock mining sites.

H2O mining solutions address several critical issues facing the mining community:

Dealing with Challenging Byproducts - H2O’s Hydrothermal Oxidation process, ideal for wet sludge treatment and leachate control / groundwater contamination issues.

Recovery of high value minerals - H2O electrodialysis solutions are integrated with the eutectic freezing crystallizer to recover high-value commodities from the waste streams.

Environmental Compliance – H2O’s integrated solutions provide a guaranteed barrier between the mine and the environment. H2O’s silicon carbide ultrafiltration system can treat feed-water across the pH spectrum, with no change in performance from pH1-14.

Specific areas of the mining process where H2O offers unique solutions are:

H2O offers a range of integrated solutions for process water, ground water, surface water, grey water treatment, and seawater desalination for all types of mining sites (gold, nickel, copper, uranium, coal, etc.).

Wastewater Treatment
H2O technology solutions for mining wastewater treatment include: removal of contaminants such as suspended solids, heavy metals, cyanide, arsenic, selenium, iron, manganese, chromium, etc. to ensure all water discharged from the mine to the environment is in line with regulatory standards and environmental compliance.

Tailings Ponds
Mine tailings solutions are focused on recovery of valuable commodities from the waste water, water reuse and the safe discharge of surplus water to the environment.

Integrated systems, incorporating H2O biological treatment, silicon carbide ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis offer a low-capex, low-opex solution for hard-to-treat waste water, ensuring environmental discharge compliance and providing high-pure water for reuse in the facilities.

Acid Mine Drainage
Acid mine drainage is one of mining's most serious threats to water. A mine draining acid can devastate rivers, streams, and aquatic life.

H2O’s eutectic freezing crystallizer technology offers a compelling opportunity to mining companies to treat acid mine drainage without the need for lime precipitation, which is expensive, time consuming and generates large volumes of waste sludge.

Wet Waste - Sludge can be treated by H2O’s Hydrothermal Oxidation process to remove water and reduce waste volumes while conserving the recovery potential of the sludge and ensuring compliance in terms of health and safety and environmental compliance.