H2O Systems expertise and technologies for the power generation industry cover the whole water and wastewater cycle. Our solutions are ideal for meat & poultry processors, as well as wineries, breweries, & distilleries, dairy facilities and abattoirs.

Focusing on system performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements as well as long-term cost-efficiency, H2O is able to provide systems that meet the most demanding standards of reliability, safety and quality.

H2O technologies include silicon carbide ultrafiltration & microfiltration systems – ideal for high temperature feed water treatment, such as flue gas scrubber waste water, boiler feed water, as well being an excellent solution for oil-water separation and as a pre-RO filtration solution.

Integrated systems, incorporating H2O biological treatment, silicon carbide ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis offer a low-capex, low-opex solution for hard-to-treat waste water, ensuring environmental discharge compliance and providing high-pure water for reuse in the facilities.

H2O’s Hydrothermal Oxidation process, ideal for wet sludge & coal ash treatment and groundwater contamination issues.

H2O’s eutectic freezing crystallizer technology will treat brines and concentrates in order to recover pure water and salt, to allow true zero-liquid discharge strategies to be implemented.

Our unique technologies for the power generation industry enables H2O to deliver complete solutions that meet and exceed these standards through compliance with:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Boiler feed water
  • Cooling tower blow down
  • Flue Gas scrubber wastewater
  • Wastewater treatment.

In addition, H2O can supply systems for permanent deployment or mobile systems for planned temporary water treatment services.