H2O offers a comprehensive operation and maintenance (O&M) service to its customers, providing a worry-free design-build-operate-maintain package, allowing customers to optimize wastewater treatment production while having predictable costs.

H2O effective management of its water treatment systems ensures conformity with agreed water output standards. H2O ensures environmental and quality standards are achieved at all times of operation.


H2O provides highly automated non-chemical systems that can be remotely operated and controlled. The systems are intended to operate continuously with little on-site supervision and operation. Typical operations regime consists the following services:

  • H2O provides suitably qualified technicians to attend customer facilities at least once every two weeks for regular system oversight & inspection, systems checks and to replace any consumable items (such as the cleaning fluids)
  • H2O provides periodic planned maintenance servicing on an ongoing basis
  • In the unlikely event that unplanned reactive maintenance work is required, H2O will quickly dispatch service crews if the situation cannot be resolved via remote management
  • All systems management and on-site/off-site visits in conformance with ISO 9001 and OHSAS certifications
  • H2O provides customized system performance reports to customer (weekly, monthly, annually).


H2O provides ongoing planned & unplanned maintenance services, including:

  • On-site and off-site management of our water treatment systems, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with on-call services
    • routine system performance monitoring and adjustment
    • system operational troubleshooting
  • Analytical monitoring of the systems to ensure output conforms with agreed water quality standards
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance and repairs, including supply & installation of any equipment, instruments and control-command systems

Spare & Replacement Parts

As both the manufacturer and operator of the water treatment system, H2O is perfectly placed to manage spare parts provision for all aspects of our systems. H2O provides a full spare parts service and carries spare parts inventory to ensure the smooth running of our water treatment systems.

Reagents and Consumables

H2O additionally offers a service to supply and oversee the safe management of all the reagent and consumable products that are required to periodically clean the filtration membranes (ultrafiltration & reverse osmosis).

H2O automatically & remotely monitors the levels of all reagents and consumable products and arranges the purchase, shipping and installation of all items as part of our service provision.